enrikson-pencil worker

I was born in Barcelona at the 80’s door. Southern son and Northern fan.

Registered apostate for the glory of a lesser god.

Iceland lover despite its temper.

I prefer winter and cats. Dogs annoy me a bit and Barcelona’s scorching heat turns me into a gremlin.

I’ve always been drawing and people say I do it well, but if there was a Talent’s Office I would change drawing for singing.

Art is so subjective that the Artist figure confuses me. We all are big artists for our moms.

Midlife crisis destroyed my delusions of greatness when I was 30. Now I just wanna have fun.

I’m workforce and good at drawing. Do you need an illustration? Let’s talk about it.

Despite this, as a pencil worker, I want to give visibility to other realities. Enough of girls in pink and boys in blue, traditional stereotypes and white blonde kids everywhere! Children’s illustration? that’s ok for me, but where as Ben as Abdul can become identified; as Rachel -who dreams about becoming Richard in a future-, as Elio -who is madly in love with Oliver.

My favourite number is 9.

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